Tummy Talk

I had an amazing moment of connection with our unborn child this morning. Talking to Itziar’s tummy our baby responded as if he or she was really there. Laughing at my jokes and stroking my face. I have not done this nearly as much as I set out to but actually it proved to me that our relationship is already developing, which is just so amazing.

I told the little one all about where we are living now, the pro’s and cons, the ups and downs. I just talked to her like she understood without making ridiculous noises or infantile remarks.

I could feel our babies response to this level of respectful communication. Without saying anything and just responding through a variety of movements I got the message that our child really appreciated my description of our world and what is currently happening in it.

All I want to say is talk to her tummy, its so important I just know it to be true!


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