Reading For Dads

Birthing From Within By Pam England

Bringing the Art of Childbirth Mentoring and Initiation back to our culture. Discover what has been missing in birth and parenting preparation. Make a difference in birth and in your life!

The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint Exupery

This book reminds me how to see the world, which is helpful because  I often forget

The Prophet By Kahil gibran

Timeless wisdom with no trace of arrogance

The Book Of Dads compiled by Ben George

A collection of funny and flavorful essays written by Dads. A source of unchained empathy for a fledgling like me.

Spices. A Global History by Fred Czarra

A fascinating overview of the mysterious Spice Trade. Guaranteed to add an extra punch to your pepper. Well it did to mine anyway

The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

A lot of useful information about a different way of life all in the same place.


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