My Fear Of The Family Sedan

1998-2001 Volkswagen Passat sedan photographed...

Image via Wikipedia

Its been a long time coming but here I am.

My absence is indicative of what the third trimester has been all about for us; survival.

After the chaos of the first and the bliss of the second, the third has been about doing our best to get through all the challenges that life has been throwing our way, one day at a time.

The most recent challenge was the death of our wonderful car, with its turbo diesel injection. The faithful beast actually got me within 300 meters of the service centre before breathing its last. Incredible that the computer failure did not happen even one minute earlier, a faithful beast indeed.

I started to push my valiant steed towards the mechanics and suddenly I experienced what felt like a boost of superhuman strength, the car moved so easily. I then turned around to realize that there was a helpful chap lending a hand.

Anyway  I was politely informed this morning that the repairs necessary to get our faithful stallion back on the road are, to say the least, extensive. It seems like everything has decided to give up at the same time, total melt down. Rambling our way through the rocky crags they call roads in the rural areas of South Africa’s East Coast or the ‘Wild Coast‘ as it is affectionately known; was not such an enjoyable trip for our darling city car as it was for us. On reflection a tank probably would have been a better choice of vehicle for the two months we spent exploring there.

To make matters worse we had the ominous chat with the sales department today. The friendly rep showed us a family sedan we would be able to trade our little fire cracker in for with some extra investment. The boot space was impressive but thats as far as it went. A bolt of reality burst forth from the ether and hit me like a stab in the dark. As I looked at the vehicle my heart sank into my shoes, the long shape and sturdy structure had safety, practicality and value for money written all over it. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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