Caterpillars, Elizabeth Gilbert, genius and me

Itziar & I

Moving on from this pivotal period in our lives (the wedding) has proved challenging . The video, the pictures, the emails its amazing how much is involved with the process of joining two peoples lives together after the big has long since passed.

Anyway we read a book last night called: ‘Hope for the flowers By Trina Paulus‘ its nothing short of genius in a warm and fuzzy way.

I heard a great TED talk by the author of ‘Eat, Prey, Love’ the other day and she said that in ancient Greece a genius was viewed as a separate entity to a an artist, completely distinct from the world f humans. A genius was a spirt that found expression in the hands and words of people. It felt like that when I was reading ‘Hope For The Flowers’, I continually said to myself:

How can something be this good and this simple?

To me thats the genius at work, simplifying our complicated perceptions of the world and planting burning spears of truth in the hands of those willing to work hard enough (in their own way) to be graced by them.


This way of seeing genius really takes the pressure off and I think it will be really healthy for our daughter to understand it like this. Apparently it was only as recently as the renaissance that man started taking all the credit for his work and existential excrutiation ensued. Anyway watch the talk…

Life can be funny like that sometimes...


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