I’m back!


After what has certainly been the most profound period of my life I have returned to the keyboard with a new awareness. Since my fingers last wept upon these pages and poured forth the mystic waters of my soul, I have to say things have changed.

Itziar and I got married on the 29th of October amidst much jubilation and merriment. It was a divine day and the elements conspired in our favor. Only an hour before the ceremony the angry south east wind abated its thunderous roar and left only a calm, celestial summer evening in its wake.

The ceremony was one of beauty and grace. We exchanged our vows by the calm waters of a tranquil lake in the cascading, lush green hills of the South African wine lands.

What was even more wonderful was the fact that our beautiful  baby could share the whole experience with us and in fact she was the guest of honor.

It transpired just before the event that we have been sent the amazing gift of a baby girl to adorn our lives with joy. We have chosen to call her Luz, which means ‘light’ in Spanish.

We arrived in Mauritius for our honeymoon shortly after the wedding to discover that the next day was ‘Divali‘ the Hindu celebration of light’s triumph over darkness. A telling sign for us, certainly a very meaningful coincidence.

Me, Itziar and Luz


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