An hour on the radio and a curious Kangaroo

Happy parents and babies doing things Kangaroo style

On Monday night we spent an hour with Itziar’s mum and her friend Mark on their Cape Town university radio show called ‘Labour Of Love’. We had a great time once we got over the nerves and relaxed into it. Mark and Cristina have a really nice show going and they made us feel especially welcome. Cristina Itziar’s mother is a doula (birth assistant) and every week she shares her knowledge and experience with listeners in Cape Town (unfortunately only within a 20km radius of the University, but still reaching an audience of around 40,000 people). She also brings along guests from all walks of birth to share theirs too.

Talking about our process thus far was a great opportunity to reflect on some of the highs and lows. But what was really interesting for me was thinking about what we have learned and sharing that.

The biggest breakthroughs for me during our pregnancy have come as a result of proving my assumptions wrong. There is one assumption in particular that sits in my mind and a lot of other people’s that when it comes to price the more expensive something is, the better it is for you. Even more so when it comes to your child. When it comes to pregnancy and child rearing this is simply not the case and I will give you a great example why.

We met an amazing woman called Olga who was another guest on the show that night. Olga makes what she calls ‘Kangapouches’, which are basically slings to carry your baby/toddler on your chest. Before the show we had a chance to speak to her about her product and find out about the mission she is on and the incredible research she is doing. Olga believes she has discovered the reason why babies cry! The wonderfully simple way Olga presents her groundbreaking theory is in a letter from baby to mother that she provides with all her products and requested that we keep on the fridge.

The letter:

Dear Mom

Would you like to know why I’m crying?

I’m crying because I miss you!

I miss that nine months we spent together!

You were all around me and protected me and fed me and now all has changed.

I just need a little more time to get used to this new world around me.

Let me feel your heartbeat to calm me down

Let me feel safe by touching you whenever I can

Soothe me by walking with me

Let me feel loved by hearing your voice as you talk and sing

All I want is to be a part of you just a little longer

I know it sounds like hard work but

I heard the other babies talking about this Kangapouch!

Put me into one and we both have our freedom, love and closeness!

Please hold me, hug me, kiss me, believe me you can’t spoil me!

I will always love you

Your little one

Olga and Maya

The compelling proof for Olga’s assertion lay in the delightfully happy child that accompanied her to the radio show, her daughter Maya. Everybody was completely taken by the incredible sense of joy and confidence that exuded from her, not to mention her bright, sharp eyes. She was clearly a very well adjusted and intelligent child with a great level of awareness and interest in her surroundings and no signs on of un-warrented fears. Olga’s husband explored the campus with Maya while we all chatted away and there was not even a hint of a tantrum at any point. Impressive for  an eighteen month old toddler surrounded by strangers in a strange place.

There are three or four different designs of baby slings that all allow you to carry your baby in different ways, even if you buy every single one you will struggle to spend more than R1500 (about 150 pounds). They are washable, you don’t need to drag them around and squeeze them past tables in coffee shops or past people at the supermarket. You don’t have to have a car with a huge boot to fit them in, you can take them on the plane without annoying everybody, you can get on with your day whilst bonding with your child and your child will feel part of your life, mothers can also use them to breastfeed discretely without showing the world their boob etc etc. But above all this practicality, convenience and clutter free living, they are just really, really good for cementing the a bond of trust and love between you and your child.

Find out more about the baby wearing  movement and the Kangapouch at

Kangas (happy mums & dads) & Roos (Content babies)


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