My goodness me it feels like taking the time to write has just been an elusive luxury meant for other people lately. Life has been full of ups and downs and downs and ups. To the point where it is sometimes hard to work out how things are really going. There is so much happening in my life that I am incredibly grateful for it seems crazy when I look at things objectively to allow the few things that are not going so well to worry me.

This however is a problem I have been battling with for many years. For a long time I have allowed what is not right about my life to get in the way of what is. Somewhere along the line I developed the mental habit of honing in on what is missing and not seeing what I have.

I am sitting here right now and I can tell you I have a glimpse of what I have and that tiny glimpse really makes me feel like good things are possible. For a start I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with what I am thinking and feeling and share my  thoughts with the world, its a beautiful thing!

Itziar is really starting to show now, we are just over four months. The volatile nature of a woman pregnant is impressive. The range of emotions we go flying through each day, giddying. Planning the wedding has been a serious undertaking and getting on with life in its shadow can be very challenging at times.

However things seem to be creeping forward in a positive direction and the light at the end of the tunnel does not appear to be a fast approaching express train, from my current vantage point.

Photograph by: Smiler


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