Flowers are our friends

White Orchids

Image by Tobyotter via Flickr

Finally we have arrived at our new house after a six week wait.

Our journey began when we had to flee from the flat we moved into due to rising damp! A lethal attack by fungal spores had me choking up blood and Itziar was getting nose bleeds.

It was incredible I had an orchid with me when we moved into the damp ridden place and the beautiful white flowers began picking up dark green fungal spots. After we moved the final bud on the plant flowered and it was perfect white.

The flower really showed us what was happening in the house and confirmed our belief that is was unhealthy. Amazing

Anyway we are finally in our own spot and I actually feel so peaceful. Judging by recent weeks this actually very unusual for me as I have been freaking out regularly due to the ridiculous amount of life changing events transpiring in my world at a very alarming rate.

From the pain of being a victim of some serious skulduggery to the joy of proposing to Itziar for the second time on a rock by the sea today (long story but I was supposed to take her engagement ring for resizing and  I put in my wallet and sat on it, squash!). My world is spinning at maximum velocity. There is no time to dwell as one thing after another just comes steaming towards me.

From charging round wedding venues in Stellenbosch (which continues at 10am tmrw) to trying to get my business off the ground despite the curve balls that regularly fly at my blind side. Not to mention preparing for our child, moving house, being a writer and trying to have a wave every and now and then  I can safely say my work is cut out for me. But you know what today  I am incredibly grateful, life is beautiful and I feel so blessed. I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Saying that though its the hard times that make the good times great…


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