Finally we are moving into our own place after a six week wait. We visited today to drop some stuff in the garage and a feeling of peace permeated my being.

It feels so good to be finally getting back into our own space after so many moves. We have worked so hard to find what we want and we have had to wait for ages to get it. I kind of lost sight. Walking through the gate today just reminded of how important it is to be comfortable in my environment.

the place is right by the sea and it has a lovely little garden. I can’t wait to explore it with our child and see all the details I would usually skim right over. I must remeber to keep the windows closed so the Baboons don’t come in, but that’s OK.

Its funny living in a beautiful place like where we will be has so many pros and cons. The surrounding area is not the most cutting edge consumer friendly place, but its cool and people don’t really care. Its just chilled.

What can I learn from this waiting period I have endured. I can learn that when I am waiting for something it is very important not to lose sight of what it is. i hope I can my child patience because I know how pointless the pursuit of instant gratification really is.


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  1. Steven Grindlay
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 18:40:53

    Michael I love your Blog. It’s so quintessentially you. I hope it does well I have punted it a few times on twitter but I don’t know if it’s brought any results, I know a couple of my readers have visited. Bless you…. it puts a smile on my face every time and a fuzzy glow in my heart.


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