Dealing with pain consciously…

I sit and write. I write about what I experience and I share it. Something happens when I do this its like I am reaching out to the world and saying “Hi” I am human and I need to talk about this.

Sharing our stories is something that has been essential to the human species since before we even had language. You only have to look at the cave paintings to realize this. For thousands of years people have been sharing their stories and as a result defining who they are. For so many of us who we are is the sum total of what has happened to us. That’s why people who get treated badly treat others the same way.

However there are some of us who take a different path. There are some of us who choose to do things differently.

There is a man I admire profoundly his name is John Muir. He was raised at the hands of unspeakable cruelty and somehow instead of becoming a monster he transmuted that suffering into tireless compassionate love for all beings. Despite his horrendous childhood he lived a resplendent and noble life that earned him the title ‘Father Of The Conservation Movement’ in America.

Muir said: “Every flower is a soul blossoming in the world”

I say: “Every idea is a flower blossoming in the soul”

Just because people betray us and let us down. It does not mean we have to betray ourselves and in doing so unconsciously validate their actions.

I was recently  dealt a crushing blow both personally and professionally and my first reaction was anger and indignation. However I am not going to let those reactions take over my life and cause me more misery than I have already endured.

I will move forward one step at a time and remain positive.  For if there is one thing  I am determined to do it is to teach my child to respond consciously to life’s challenges and not be a slave to his or her reactions.


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  1. Steven Grindlay
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 11:57:51

    ahhh I see you found koi…how utterly appropriate.


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