Sleeples Nights And Meditation…

It has come to my attention that child rearing involves a lot of sleep deprivation in the early days. I have recently read numerous accounts of a kind limbo state that a lot of parents find themselves during the first months. A Hinter land of sorts between the land of the living and the kingdom of nod experienced for the most part in a blurry haze.

It dawned on me that in this regard I am most fortunate because I have been lucky enough to learn a technique of meditation that practiced properly for an hour provides more rest for the mind than a restless night of high velocity dreaming. Yes its true even when we sleep our deeper minds are still busy throwing up unconscious fears and desires to the surface. Sleep is for resting the physical body not the mind.

On reflection of this it appears I have been afforded a most wonderful gift by fate. There is a way of getting through this process alert and attentive. A way of being truly present to what is potentially one of the most beautiful human experiences it is possible to be a part of. I just need to meditate, however that is often easier said than actually done.

Saying that I cannot think of a more powerful motivator than the chance to truly be there, present to every breath and smile

You can find out more about the particular technique of meditation  I have been lucky enough to learn in the links section.


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