Birthing Ideas…

We had a great chat with Itziar’s mum yesterday. She is a doula in training to be a midwife. A doula is a birth assistant. We are planning on having a home birth so we are trying to get as much information as possible and asked her hundreds of questions. To my surprise it is actually good for a woman to move around a lot during labor not to lay on a bed.

There are so many different ways of having a child. In a water bath, on a birthing stool, hanging from a tree branch. We have decided that the best thing to do is create as many options as possible so Itziar is free to allow her body to choose what is best.

An interesting resource we have come across is the ‘Muma Bamba’ birthing process which is a book with an accompanying course here in Cape Town. Very alternative, very spiritual, very cool. We are planning to do a weekend later this year. They also do postnatel mother and baby classes too.

Also there is a book called ‘Birthing From Within’ which is really special too.


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