The back street mechanics secret rally

The mechanics we took our car too have had it for a record three weeks today, that is quite an achievement. We are thinking they are actually using the car in a secret Cape to Cairo rally that all the back street mechanics do once a year with other people’s cars.

Itziar and I are taking it in turns to phone the guy. Everyday he says its going to be ready this afternoon. My favorite was when I phoned him the morning after that afternoon it was definitely going to be there. He said

I will be in touch shortly

I said

How long is shortly?

He said


Seven hours later we got a phone call to say it would definitely be ready in the morning. That was three days ago. The poor guy has taken to compulsive lying and you sense his profound discomfort every time you utter the words

When will it be ready?

All this kerfuffle has got me wondering what they actually do with your car while they have it because in my opinion it really cannot take three weeks to fix an electric window. Yes an electric window.


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