Its amazing how whenever one makes a statement that all we need to do is trust the universe has a funny way of testing our new found resolve. In a way this is a wonderful gift and its shows that the universe does not waste anytime in responding to our needs, but wow it can be so challenging.

Anyway I went on a rollercoaster last week for the first time in years and I had fun, very important. My work in setting up a viable business is taking all kinds of twists and turns.

Organizing the wedding is proving to be interesting I have decided on a sweat lodge for the stag do should be an interesting ritual to mark the transition.

Just need to make a note of a few other things but can’t remember now.

We have settled into the routine of early pregnancy comfortably I am still talking to Itziar’s tummy and trying to read up on peoples experience in ‘the book of dad’s’ life is getting busier and busier


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