The gift of having no choice

Its a dark winter morning in the Cape today. I am up and ready to try and get the car back from the haphazard mechanics who seem to be growing more and more attached to it by the day and clinging on to it for dear life. How many mechanics does it take to change a window switch? In this case too many. The shop opens at 8am and I have to be in another part of town at 9. Its never easy my friends but I will persevere because I have no choice.

Having no choice is really a powerful thing. I started this week to find out that a stock photo company I want to use for a product description card I have been developing want to charge me really silly prices. For 29 renditions of seven 2×3 cm items of their stock they want me to pay over £1000. Now before I may have been tempted to wallow in the mire about something like this but not anymore.

I have a child on the way and I damned if I am going to let a ridiculous photo shop stop me from getting where I need to be. Next step setting up mu own make shift studio in a storage room and doing the shots myself.

I just don’t have a choice anymore, procrastinating is not an option. The power of our unborn child again exerts itself in my life and challenges me to be a better man. I feel truly grateful for giving me no choice.

You my child are already teaching me so much. You teach me how to love, how to believe and how to get things done without fear. I thank you


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