A new chapter begins

I woke this morning and drove straight to 7-11 to pick up essentials for Esther the cleaning lady to use on her arrival. On my short  journey  I reflected on how life has changed and that it will never be the same again. Now this is not a negative thing for me, but it is different.

My relationship has completely changed. We no longer squabble over meaningless bunkem in an attempt to be noticed by one another. Things in all their glorious imperfection are pretty amazing and I feel so grateful to be going this process with Itziar. She is an amazing, beautiful woman and she will be an incredible mother. She taught me so much about love and commitment. She taught me that to truly love someone is to love them in whatever emotional state they might be in.She taught me to love is truly a decision.

I did everything I could to fight against a committed relationship with her. I was not ready, I was not sure, I was terrified! Through all of my angst ridden existential explorations she waited with one message.

I Love You

Now I can say without any shadows of doubt lingering in the recesses of mind.

Itziar, Te Amo Tanto, Te Deseo Tanto, Tu Erres El Amor De Me Vida


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