A Hectic Week!

To my great, great, great relief my prayers were answered and I passed my driving test on Thursday morning. I was so incredibly nervous my left leg was bouncing on the clutch uncontrollably! Anyway by some miracle I passed and my worries about not being able to drive Itziar to the hospital when she is in labor if there are any complications with the the home birth have subsided. Pheeeew!

Anyway life continues. Itziar entered all her details for the camera competition again and forgot to answer the question again, oh how we laughed! I started reading ‘the little prince’ one of my favorite ever books. I love the bit where the flower says something like.

“You have to put up with a few catapilars if you want to meet butterflies”

Since Monday I have found out I am going to be a father, committed to getting married and got a drivers license! What a week…

What has really amazed me is the impact an unborn child has on the world!

Friday  I was fried just about able to focus on some printing quotes for my company which were pretty scary for a little start up like ours! Its so weird how print costs work. The difference between 100 and 100o units is so small. Confusing but anyway a new week begins tomorrow and I will deal with it. Important thing is to trust that everything will be OK.

Saturday I did my first solo mission in the car to the workshop to meet my business partner. We have recently started a company making kitchen accessories and cookware out of wood. As a way of giving back to the community and carbon off setting we help out an organization called trees 4 schools. You guessed it planting trees in schools.

It was a pretty amazing morning at Philippi primary school. The buildings are built but the grounds are still pretty much a building site. We planted nearly one hundred trees in an otherwise baron piece of land, to the tunes of the latest dance hall dons popping out of the surrounding shacks, in a mini sound clash, it was pretty awesome. The site of the modern, well equipped school juxtaposed with the colorful ramshackle shacks all around it was something to behold.

It is a wonderful thing that education is a priority in Phillipi.


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  1. Steven Grindlay
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 19:05:10

    Great Blog Mike, Get it out there on twitter facebook etc…It will do well. But it will become a monster that demands regular feeding…at the same time you will become adapt at meeting it’s demands.

    Anyway love your stuff and will be following it… I will put it on my blog roll…


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