A great teacher has chosen to join us

Hi so usual story with the oranges at 4am this morning. Itziar really whipped them into shape, pronto!

Anyway what I really want to focus on is some stuff  that has really blown me away!

“The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults. Who of us is mature enough for offspring before the offspring themselves arrive?” Peter De Vries (The Book Of Dads 2009 P XXI)

This really touched my heart as comics often do with their ability to see the irony in practically everything. It made me realize that we are so blessed to have an amazing teacher joining us in eight or so, months time.

Children remind us to see the world how it really is. Their astounded expressions at nearly everything are ample evidence of this.

As I may have mentioned earlier. Although we did not plan for this baby we are so very happy that the little person will be joining us in the new year (around  Feb-March we think).

The chances of us conceiving were literally one in a million (well not a million but a lot) and this has really helped us to accept that greater forces are at work.

On telling a few friends about this I had some amazing replies of which I will share a couple:

“Dude! That’s amazing! The little being that is coming onto the planet through that eventuality clearly seriously wants to be here. Fatherhood has been the most extraordinary experience – quite beyond description.”

“It is strange how life happens while we are planning something else, isn’t it? This little being was certainly determined to come in and with you both as parents – you have been chosen.”

On reading these amongst many other wonderful words of congratulations from friends and family all over the world something really struck me.

“We have been chosen”

Chosen to learn lessons from an amazing teacher who will remind us how to see the world how it really is again! I feel so profoundly humbled by the unfolding nature of life and the universe.

It is so easy for me to slip into seeing the world through a lens of scarcity as a result of growing up in a materials economy (check out http://www.thestoryofstuff.com). I feel so deeply grateful that a little teacher will be joining me and helping me to wipe that lens clean.

On a funny note Itziar has been entering sms competitions in baby magazines to win stuff. She could not decide which one to go for with the R2 of air time left on my phone. After much deliberation she decided on a chance to win a fancy video camera. After painstakingly entering all our details she sent the sms.

“Whoops I forgot to answer the question”

Its so cute pregnant women get all forgetful I never knew that.

I have my driving test in the morning, time to say a prayer and get some sleep!


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