Pregnancy tests

I went for a driving lesson yesterday morning (yes I am 28, don’t ask I used to live in London and a car was never a priority. My test is on Thursday!). My partner asked me to pick up a pregnancy test so I did.

At 10 am I arrived home and handed it to her with no anxiety whatsoever I was so sure she was not pregnant.

I went up to the loo to find her after making a cup of tea. She looked at me a clear sign of disbelief had spread across her face like a checkered blanket spreads across the grass when you lay it down for a picnic.

“Michael I am pregnant, we need to do another test” she says

Thinking back I am wondering how I felt when the news slapped me in the ear. I was stunned. In the last year I have ejaculated inside my partner only once! We are careful.

We were not trying for a baby don’t get me wrong we have talked about it but I just thought it was something that happened to other people. I didn’t think the chances of hitting a bulls eye in one attempt were particularly high! Oh the universe and its greater scheme of things I thought!

Off to the pharmacy we go, two more tests later it is undeniably confirmed by the two little lines on all three of the spoon shaped plastic things that we are PREGNANT!


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