“O my God I am going to be a Dad!”

The rest of the day is pretty calm in a completely neurotic freaked out kind of way. I get on with my usual task of pushing my kitchen accessory and cookware company forward. I guess we will be making kids kitchenware from now on!

Anyway the day passes over the course of the ensuing hours we repeat to each other several time with varying tones and inflections:

“Your pregnant!”
“I’m pregnant”
“O my God I am going to be a Dad!”
“O my God your going to be a Dad!”

This carries on intermittently in between failing attempts at getting on with our lives. By the evening we are pretty freaked out. I can’t even concentrate during the Brazil-Chilli game. Nerves are fried and temperatures begin to rise.

The squabbling begins! It like the nerves haves chipped and cracked away at our aura’s and now they are leaking out all over the front room. The fire deciding not to work and filling the room with smoke does not help either. We have our first fight.

Anyway shortly after our confrontation has begun like a happy pig-tailed angel my partners mother comes over to talk to us.

My partners mother is a Doula in training to be a midwife. She has dealt with lots of completely freaked out couples before.

She says that she wants to communicate to us very clearly that today is a blessed day. Mother of four her first child at the age of seventeen was also unplanned and the pregnancy was shrouded in disapproval and anxiety.

Like a warm summer breeze her compelling desire to rewrite the script for her own daughter truly inspires us and lifts our spirits. We then get into all the questions like what to expect and this wasn’t planned but it must be a sign from the universe. She on the wave of positive energy she cruised in on and in her wake we find our feeling OK and even dare I say it happy.

We also find out that the pregnancy has been announced on Cape Town’s university radio show that she does a weekly slot on to speak to expecting young mums.

This is shocking as I have not even told my family yet! I thought you were supposed to wait three months. Anyway apparently that is a myth born of fear, so I think I will give them a call just now (South African expression meaning anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days).

My partners Mum also informs I can speak to our baby in the uterus and that already the little person to be is absorbing everything around it.

We go to bed and I spend a good 5 mins talking to my partners stomach and kissing it. Explaing that you know we argue some times because we both stand up for our rights and try to get our needs met. I think the stomach was quite forgiving and I got the impression that it was OK just as long as we don’t make a habit of it


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