gale force oranges

I woke up this morning to the bedroom door, which leads on to a balcony flying open as a result of the gale force winds blowing outside. Cape Town can be very bleak in winter.

My darling partner Itziar was rudely awoken too. Apparently the first three months are the most demanding on the female body because that’s when the baby is busy forming inside. I put my hand on her shoulder and it felt like she was on fire. Then I put my head on her tummy, which was equally as hot and said hello to our baby.

“Good morning my child sorry about the fright the weather is really bad but don’t worry everything is going to be fine.”

Whilst I was in mid-conversation with her stomach Itziar made an announcement:

“I need orange juice do you want some?”

I replied
“I want to sleep”

She promptly pulled on her pink hooded dressing gown down and wandered off down the stairs in a similar fashion to a  professional boxer making his way toward the ring for a big showdown. She had some serious business to attend to with those oranges you could almost hear them quivering on the kitchen counter.

Was this a taste of things to come have the cravings started already?

Let me assure getting an orange juice is no pony ride where we are staying at the moment. It requires completely peeling the oranges and pushing them through the juicer, quite a task at 4am. Anyway in record time having sated her thirst for the nectar of the seemingly magical fruit I was awoken again to the sound of her announcement.

“I had my juice”

We went back to sleep…


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