13.00pm: Pregnancy shopping

In a state of mild (when a say mild I mean stupefied awe, probably similar to what it feels like walking the moon in my imagination) shock we bravely make our way to the local mall to do some pregnancy shopping at the big pharmacy shop.

Wondering through the place was so different suddenly my usually unimpressed scowling at the cogs of corrupt consumerism was replaced by a vested interest in the kids painting shop and the kiddy zone play house store! I suddenly realized I was opening my eyes to a new reality that had been there all the time! Shops are so much cooler for kids!

Anyway we get into the pharmacy and start buying like mad. Vitamin E oil, yeast supplement, tea lights. With every essential item that falls into to our basket my spirit wanes! My God we are all going to starve how are we ever going to afford raising a baby and giving it a Waldorf education and a Montessori preschool. My first official freak out!

Anyway we move on to the bookshop and I ask for a copy of the velveteen rabbit which comes with an audio cd these day for extra fun these days! And then I request a copy of ‘The Little Prince’ which the vendor has to reach in to her secret stash to retrieve.

‘I was saving that for me’ she says.

My darling partner is up at the counter next and she places on there ‘The book of dads’. I love her so much she really is an Angel (most of the time!).

We leave the mall after stopping to get food and a copy of ‘pregnancy fit’ magazine. The magazine isle does the same thing the kids shops did, suddnely I am seeing things I never saw before! I make my way to the cashier with a copy of the magazine and a packet of raw chicken.


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